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Price of the tour:

1-2 person by car : 220 €
3-6 person by van : 295 €

More info about BAR & ULCINJ TOUR

In Bar, cultures meet and seem to mix in breathtaking ways. In the intervening thousands of years since being set­tled during Neolithic times, Bar has continued to grow while maintaining ancient monuments to the m any cultures that left their imprint on Bar. In a nutshell, Bar is an important destination for travelers looking to taste all that Montenegro has to offer in a single, magnificent place.

Ulcinj is one of the oldest towns on the Adriatic coast, withstanding the ravages of tim e for 25 centuries. Jutting up magically on the cliffs above the open sea, with its face towards Otrant it is guaranteed to captivate all your senses. The earliest traces take us back to prehistoric times when Ulcinj belonged to the Illyrians, a people of Indo-Euro­pean origin. The old walled town of Ulcinj was founded in the 5th century BC by the Colchinians who gave it its first name of Colchinium, In the 2nd century (163 BC) it was captured by the Romans from the Illyrian tribe, the Olchiniatas and the ancient city of Colchinium became Olchinium.

Car Itinerary

00:00h Departure from the hotel

00:10h First short stop on the view point above Sveti Stefan

01:00h Arrival to Bar Old Town for a tour

01:55h Short stop and tour of the Old Olive Tree

02:40h Arrival to Ulcinj for a tour of the O


* 00:00h - is symbolic time of the tour beginning, and it just shows tour duration. The tour must start at 10:30 or 13:00 in order to reach Sveti Stefan Tours on schedule 

* Price includes VAT 21%.

* Available during the whole year.