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The tour includes:

Price of the tour:


More info about SKADAR LAKE TOUR

One of the most amazing places in Montenegro is National park Skadar lake, which is a wild wonder waiting to be explored. Indescribable and in many ways unique, with the size of 391 km2, it is the largest lake on the Balkan Peninsula and it is a crypto depression, which means that in some parts the bottom of the lake is below sea level. Due to its geographic position and sub Mediterranean climate, it is one of the most important habitats of swamp birds in Europe, right after the river Danube delta. There are around 280 bird species on the lake, includingthe rare curly pelican, which became a trademark of the National Park.

The tour includes:

  • transfer service *guide service
  • ticket for NP Skadar Lake *boat hire- Ih
  • drink on the boat (wine and juice)

Car Itinerary'

00:00h Departure from the hotel with guide assistance.

00:45h Arrival in NP Skadar Lake.

00;50h Embarkation on the boat. Beginning of the cruise on Lake Skadar. Degustation of home-made products from Crmnica county.

01:50h Disembarkation ( or optionally lunch at restaurant Ploce which is located in the middle of the Skadar lake or swimming time in the lake.

Additional price is 15 EUR per person )

02:05h Meeting with the driver & guide and departure into direction of the hotel)

03:10h Arrival in front of the hotel (In case of additional lunch, arrival time will be 04:10h)

Price of the tour :

1-2 person by car : 255 € 

3-6 person by van : 355 €


*00:00h - is symbolic time of the tour beginning, and it just shows tour duration. The tour can start at the time we agree about. Recommended time of start from 9:00am till 11:00am.

'''All tours are with professional licensed guides.

“ Price includes VAT 21%.

‘‘ Available during the whole year (best time for visit isfrom spring to autumn).

Car Itinerary